The lawyer offices network under the leadership CASTRO, ESCOTO & ASOCIADOS founders, is a source of referrals for the firm members and it is an opportunity for the client to select the service that will be provided by special personnel in the area that he wishes. Our partners have the capacity and experience necessary to offer quality and excellent services.

We are a professional multidiscipline team focus on submitting interrelated services with the objective that the users obtain the waited benefits at the adequate moment and place. To achieve our goal, every office of the network maintain a personnel with the sufficient knowledge, competency and aptitudes of services, necessary to satisfy our consumers needs.


CARLOS SANCHEZ ALVAREZ, is a lawyer with a vast and extensive experience accumulated through 35 years of professional practice. Mr. Sanchez is the executive partner of the law firm HIPOLITO SANCHEZ BAEZ, which was founded by his father more than 40 years ago. Since the beginning, the firm has developed a mysticism over the importance of the value and principles, a paternal legacy that Mr. Sanchez have strengthen through the years, which has enable him to have an excellent practice in the litigious area.


Under his decision and responsibility, Mr. Sanchez together with his professional team, has attained important decisions for his clients in the civil area, related with contract executions, civil responsibility, inscription of writing on falsehood, and Damages and Compensation.


In his long career, Mr. Sanchez has been an active litigator in criminal process related to car accidents, amparo process, verbal threat, checks without fund and fraud among others.


Mr. Sanchez Alvarez is graduated from Pedro Henriquez Ureña University with a Law Degree. He is a member of the Lawyers Dominican and the Public Notary Colleges.



JORDI CARRASCO BLADE leader of CARRASCO BLADE & ASOCIADOS, firm that has distinguish in the Dominican market as specialist in the immigration area. I has been in the market for 15 years and together with his professional team, has assisted particular persons, local and multinational companies to obtain permanent residency and to expatriates toward de Dominican Republic.

Mr. Carrasco continuous effort to intensify his knowledge and enhance his capacity to better offer high quality service to his client, has motivated him and his collaborators to developed a detailed list of values based on honesty, perseverance, seriousness, transparent, diligent and outstanding performance on time, principles that has contributed to the basis for his professional successfulness.

Mr. Carrasco is graduated Cum Laude of the Pontifical Mother and Teacher University, (PUCMM) with a Law Degree. Besides, he dis post graduate studies at the same University in Civil Procedural Law. He is a member of the Lawyers Dominican College and speak English and Spanish.



JOSE BOLIVAR SANTANA CASTRO has experience of 16 years of professional services and founder of the SANTANA CASTRO & ASOCIADOS firm. During his career, he has participated in several lawsuits in different courts in the country, always representing clients. He has developed his outstanding career in Family and Public law.


Mr. Santana and he staff provide consulting services related with inheritance, adoptions, donations, will, heir determination, goods partition as a result of a divorce, constitution of family board, paternity process, constitution of family goods, and de facto societies. In the public administration, he offers services getting license, permits for gas or gasoline station and. State suppliers.


Mr. Santana is graduated with a Law Degree from the Santo Domingo Autonomous University. In addition, he has taken post graduate course in Taxes at the same University and post graduate in civil procedural at the Pedro Henriquez Ureña University- He is a member of the Lawyers Dominican College.


DIAZ, GERONIMO & ASOCIADOS is a lawyer firm headed by its two founders JUAN ALBERTO DIAZ & MANUEL GERONIMO, The firm mainly dedicated itself to provide labor and real estate services. Both, has an experience of over 10 years.



The real estate practice is under the responsibility of Mr. Diaz and within this area, he offers assistance and consulting in registering lien for the marriage wife, assets assignment, Transfer Certificate of Title, remediation and delineations and heir determination.

In the litigious process, Mr. Diaz has been outstanding and as part of his strategies, he has developed research and analysis structure to strength his defense in every case, has been able to obtain great results on behalf of his clients.

Mr. Diaz is graduated with a Law Degree from the Santo Domingo Autonomous University. He is a member of the Lawyers Dominican and the Public Notary Colleges.


Mr. Geronimo leads the labor practice, who basically focus most of his efforts to the administrative part, offering consulting services oriented toward avoiding conflicts between the employer and the worker by implementing the appropriate rules and regulations. Most his practice is to motivate agreement between the labor parties, contract rescission, negotiations, and union agreement.

In the litigious field, Mr. Gerónimo has demonstrated a very active role, a great capacity, ability and skill to expose his defense in court, qualities that are determinant for the sustainability of a legal professional career.

Mr. Geronimo is graduated with a Law Degree from the Santo Domingo Autonomous University. He is a member of the Lawyers Dominican College.


LEXSIDE is a firm conformed by a lawyer team that pride themselves in client services. They have techniques oriented toward focusing 100 percent of their time, energy and technology to develop strategies that contributes to their growth.

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The firm is under the management of JUAN ROSARIO GRATEREAUX Y YUDELKA DURAN CORTES, who are professional specialized in labor, criminal, including high technology and litigious contract.

Both partners have participated in seminars, workshops in Procedural Law Civil and Criminal, Labor, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Conflict Alternative Resolution and Corporate Rights.

Both are graduate with a Law Degree from Pontifical Mother and Teacher University. Besides, they have a Master Degree in Labor and Social Security. Mr. Gratereaux is a law teacher at the Pontifical Mother and Teacher University. Both are members of the Lawyers Dominican College.