CASTRO, ESCOTO & ASOCIADOS is a legal consulting firm with a professional practice of 23 years. The firm was born with the initial founders ERIC ISRAEL CASTRO POLANCO Y ALICIA ESCOTO ABREU to offer quality services to satisfy the potential client needs.


Throughout our professional lives, we have had the opportunity to provide adequate solutions to personal and corporate clients in different law areas, which have allows to expand our knowledge and experiences, contributing to maintain a practice in constant development and to create a client data base that distinguish us with fidelity for several years.


The juridical service data base has been designed over integrity and compromise values by offering our client integral solutions to their problems. To achieve this objective, we have create an independent lawyer network with different specialties and with the same personal service philosophy. This red of specialties, have contributed to strengthen our relationship with the clients and let to coordinate the different tasks in an efficient manner, according to the area of knowledge of each participant. Besides, it has helped to create the basis for constructing a successful team.

Currently, we are living in a world of accelerating changes which cause transformation very rapidly. Therefore in the actual level society overcoming is necessary to perfect and implement legal strategies that society permit to defend with success our clients.