Founding Partner


Mr. Castro is founder and executive partner of the law firm Castro, Escoto & Associates which has being assisting clients for over 20 years and during that period has been active participating in litigation civil, land, criminal, administrative labor, taxes and arbitration cases.

Mr. Castro has a vast professional experience in the legal area including tax planning, consulting, and assistance in preparing in tax proceeding before the tax administration, including the tax court. In addition, Mr. Castro has participated in the planning and supervision of several litigation cases, including civil procedures seeking private remedies, or compensatory or punitive or the enforcement of personal rights based on a contract. These activities have been carrying out for corporate and individual clients.

Mr. Castro has also filed lawsuit in commercial, real estate including execution of properties, labor and family cases. The litigation services have been supplied at the level of the First Instance, Appellate and the Supreme Court of Justice.

Mr. Castro knowledge in tactics and strategic negotiations, has allowed to participate in contract negotiation process, as well as, in the sale, purchase and appraisal of local business.

Mr. Castro has been teacher at several universities, including Pontifical Mother and Teacher University, Santiago Technological University and The Third Age University for a period of seven years.

Mr. Castro is a member of the Inter American Bar Association and the Resolution Center for Alternative Controversies, where he has participated in several arbitration cases, and member of the Lawyers Dominican College.

As part of his social responsibilities, Mr. Castro has contributed to the Dominican Bibliography as Coauthor of three books named, Ways of Negotiation, the Labor Forms and Social Business Responsibilities.

Mr. Castro received a bachelor degree in Business Administration (BBA) at Bernard Baruch College and Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a law degree for the Third Age University. Further, he has made post graduate studies in Labor and Arbitration. He speaks English and Spanish fluently.