Founding Partner


Mrs. Escoto is founder and partner of the firm. She is a lawyer expert in Labor law. She has a great experience in human resources for over 30 years and during that time, she has offered her service to national and multinational business organization, including: Banco Popular Dominicano, C. por A.; Falconbridge Dominicana, C. por A.; Embotelladora Dominicana, C. por A.; Ambev Dominicana, C. por A. Besides, she has been very active in trade union negotiations, as representative of the business sector, being recognized by her analytical job oriented toward reasonable solutions with the objective of avoiding labor conflicts.

Mrs. Escoto is a successful professional, Graduated with bachelor degree in Education in the Pontifical University Mother and Teacher University, a Law Degree from the Third Age University, bachelor degree Organizational Phycology from the Third Age University, post graduate study In Labor Law form the Autonomous Santo Domingo University and MBA degree for Quebec-Apec University. Besides, her studies at the different universities, she has participated in several training session, workshop and seminars local and internationally, as exponent and participant.

Mrs. Escoto has been teacher at several universities, including Pontifical Mother and Teacher University, Santo Domingo Technological Institute and The Third Age University for a period of seven years.
During her career, Mrs. Escoto has been recognized many times for her valuable contributions to cost control innovations, design and implementation in all business organizations, where she has member of in the Labor area, as well as, Human Resources.

Besides, Mrs. Escoto under her social responsibilities, has contributed to the Dominican Bibliography as Coauthor of three books named, Ways of Negotiation, the Labor Forms and Social Business Responsibilities.

Actually, she is member in the Resolution and Alternative Center for Controversies and International arbitrator in the Labor chapter of DR-CAFTA Agreement, ex-president of the Human Resources Association and member of the Lawyers Dominican College.